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Clover (2014)

120 Minutes1 Nov, 2014

Plot - A woman have to make her choice between her stoic boss and her childhood best friend.

Takeshi Furusawa

Akiko Ikuno, Tamako Tsujimoto, Yoshiyuki Watanabe

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Romance, Drama,



"Clover Movie" Story

An ordinary employee at a hotel named Saya Suzuki. Since 8 year she never had a boyfriend as she is waiting for her childhood love Haruki Hino. But one day her elite boss Susumu Tsuge whom Saya hates very much, but he love her very much and asked her for out and even plan to marry her. After listening all these will Saya still wait for her childhood love or she start a relationship with her boss.

"Clover Movie" Trailer & Video

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Mitsuru Komiyama


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