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The Mystery of Happiness (2014)

92 Minutes16 Jan, 2014

Plot - 'The Mystery of Happiness' is a film about love, but goes beyond it, it pushes boundaries, it explores the idea of loyalty and estrangement, and it definitely puts dreams over long lost promises.

Daniel Burman

Walkiria Barbosa, Daniel Burman

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Romance, Comedy, Drama,



"The Mystery of Happiness Movie" Story

Santiago and Eugenio are life long business partner and understand each other without any word. Eugenio disappears one day without leaving any clue. Immediately Santiago notices Santiago absence, but Eugenio’s wife, Laura assures him that Eugenio has left. Santiago and Laura starts finding him and end up by discovering that they are happy together.


"The Mystery of Happiness Movie" Trailer & Video

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Daniel Ortega


Awards & Nominations Won by "The Mystery of Happiness Movie"

Oslo Films from the South Festival 2014

Films from the South Award
Best Feature
Daniel Burman (director) 

Box Office Earning of "The Mystery of Happiness"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : $382 (USA)

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