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Snow is on the Sea (2015)

108 Minutes8 Jan, 2015

Plot - Sun-Mi work as a perfumer meet Sang-Woo who works in an aquarium and love his job very much, starts loving each other without knowing the difficulties which they are facing very soon.

Kim Jeong-Kwon

Choi Jung-rak




"Snow is on the Sea Movie" Story

When Sun-Mi was young she diagnosed with blood diseases Myelodysplastic syndrome and she enjoyed encountering various scents and the snow.  Now as an adult she overcome her pain and starts working as an perfumer. She travels to many different places to collect the various scents of flowers and spices.  She meet Sang-Woo, who works in an aquarium. He cares about animals and enjoys his job.  They falls in love with each other. Sang-Woo  proposes Sun-Mi, but unaware of the difficulties they will face soon.

"Snow is on the Sea Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Choi Duk-Gyu

South Korea

Box Office Earning of "Snow is on the Sea"

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