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My Wife Is a Gangster (2001)

107 Minutes27 Sep, 2001

Plot - A female gangster of a Korean mafia sets out to find herself a husband after she learns that the dying wish of her sister is to see her get married.

Jo Jin-kyu

Seo Se-Weon

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Romance, Comedy, Action,



"My Wife Is a Gangster Movie" Story

Eun-jin is a female Korean gangster who is separated from her older sister when they were kids at an orphanage. Upon learning her dying sister’s wish, Eun-jin sets off to find a husband for herself in order to fulfill her sister’s wish. She meets Soo-il, a gentle and kind-hearted man and both of them get married. Eun-jin then balances her criminal as well as her married life.

"My Wife Is a Gangster Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Jo-Myeong Jeon

South Korea

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