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My Sister, The Pig Lady (2015)

102 Minutes10 Sep, 2015

Plot - A famous fishing hot spot is almost empty, only three single woman who fight over a single man in a fishing village.

Jang Moon-il

Kim Sang-young, Han Sang-bum

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Romance, Comedy,


"My Sister, The Pig Lady Movie" Story

A famous fishing village almost get empty as the haul of fishes has greatly diminished and many villagers left the village, only three woman Jae-hwa, Yoo-ja, and Mi-ja hope and Joon-seob the only eligible bachelor is left.  Meanwhile, three single women conduct psychological warfare on Joon seob.

"My Sister, The Pig Lady Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Jung Cha-sik

ifilm Corporation

Kim Young-ho, Lee Tae-oh

South Korea

Awards & Nominations Won by "My Sister, The Pig Lady Movie"

Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016

Grand Prix
Moon-il Jang 

Box Office Earning of "My Sister, The Pig Lady"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : Will be updated soon.

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