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My Love, My Bride (2014)

111 Minutes8 Oct, 2014

Plot - My Love, My Bride is a story of young couple who get married after graduation. As they are struggling to make their marriage work, Young-min and Mi-young slowly understand what love really is.

Im Chan-sang

Byun Bong-hyun


Romance, Comedy,



"My Love, My Bride Movie" Story

Two young couple named Young-min and Mi-Young get married after graduation. In the honeymoon period, they starts argue with each other on pretty matters. One day while waiting for her husband at a cafe, Mi-young bumps into her ex-boss. Young-min see this and take it in the wrong way.  As Young-min and Mi-young are struggling to make their marriage work, they slowly understand what really love is.

"My Love, My Bride Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Kim Jun-seong

Choi Ju-young

Awards & Nominations Won by "My Love, My Bride Movie"

Blue Dragon Awards 2014

Blue Dragon Award
Best Supporting Actress
Mi-ran Ra 

Box Office Earning of "My Love, My Bride"

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