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My Little Bride (2004)

115 Minutes2 Apr, 2004

Plot - A young high school girl is forced into an arranged marriage with a college student by their respective grandparents staying true to their pact. However, they both fall in love for real.

Kim Ho-jun

Choi Soon-shik


Romance, Comedy, Drama,



"My Little Bride Movie" Story

Bo-eun is a high-school girl who has a crush on the school’s baseball team ace Jung-woo. She is forced into an arrange marriage with Sang-min by their respective grandfather who made the promise during the Korean War. They both decide to keep their marriage secret from their friends. Things are going well, until Sang-min becomes an art teacher at her wife’s school.

"My Little Bride Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Choi Soon-shik, Choi Man-shik

Seo Jeong-min

Seoul, South Korea

Box Office Earning of "My Little Bride"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : $137,425 (Hong Kong)

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