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Man in Love (2014)

122 Minutes22 Jan, 2014

Plot - Tae-Il live life as low level thug. Soon he realizes that he has not much time left to live and for the very first time he falls in love with a woman named Ho-Jung.

Han Dong-wook

Han Jae-duk, Kim Yoon-ho


Romance, Drama,



"Man in Love Movie" Story

Tae-il is a low-level thug who lives with his barber brother and has never been in love.  For the first time he falls in love with a women name Ho-Jung who is talking care of her debt-ridden, terminally ill father and she is a bank clerk.  On their first encounter she is forced to sign a contract by Tae-il  that if she is enable to  pay back her father’s debt on time then she has to sell her organs. Then Tae-il starts thinking about Ho-Jung and again write a new contract that he will exempt her from the debt if she goes on date with him and more she goes on date less debt she will have to pay off. Tae-il tries to leave the gang life, but break isn’t clean. Unfortunately he diagnosed with cancer and his relationship suddenly thrown into harm.

"Man in Love Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Hwang Sang-jun

Yu Eok

Awards & Nominations Won by "Man in Love Movie"

Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2014

Grand Prize
Dong-wook Han 

Box Office Earning of "Man in Love"

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