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Love Clinic (2015)

101 Minutes7 May, 2015

Plot - A funny romantic-comedy female urologist and a male gynecologist set up clinics in a building only to run into each other and end up falling in love and curing each others pain.

Aaron Kim

Kim Dong-gyun, Lee Sang-jin


Romance, Comedy,



"Love Clinic Movie" Story

Wang Seong-ki is a male obstetrician/gynecologist who sets up his clinic in a building where a female urologist, Sin-seol has also opened up her clinic. Little did each other know, they are romantically challenged as Wang is suffering from impotence after he had a failed caesarian operation while Sin-seol is still a virgin with awful dating history.

"Love Clinic Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Lee Jong-soo

WAW Pictures

Lee Hee-seob

South Korea

Box Office Earning of "Love Clinic"

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