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Innocent Steps (2005)

110 Minutes25 Apr, 2005

Plot - An acclaimed dancer tries to make a comeback into recognition; however, his partner is not a dancer he thought she was. Thus begin the race against time to prepare her for the competition.

Park Young-hoon

Choi Sun-sik, Heo Jae-cheol, Lee Jae-hyeok, Shin Jae-hyeon


Romance, Comedy,



"Innocent Steps Movie" Story

In an attempt to make a comeback, Na Young-sae brings Jang Chae-min, an ethnic Korean from China to Korea assuming her as a talented dancer to accompany him in the competition. To his surprise, it turns out it has been case of mistaken identity and Jang Chae-min is not a dancer but her sister is. Na Young-sae vows to train her and make her a world-class dancer, falling in love with her in the process.

"Innocent Steps Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Choi Man-sik

Kim Jong-yun

South Korea

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