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A Moment To Remember (2004)

PG144 Minutes5 Nov, 2004

Plot - A moment to remember is a roman korean lover story of two young couples endless love which is testes when it is discovered that the lady has a rare form of Alzheimer's disease.

John H. Lee

Cha Seung-jae


Romance, Drama,



"A Moment To Remember Movie" Story

A young fashion designer goes into a general store to purchase a Coke, however coincidentally abandons it on the counter. Recollecting the Coke, Soo-Jin strolls back to the store and sees a man leaving the store with a jar of Coke. Soo-Jin, trusting the drink is hers, grabs it from the man’s hand and downs the drink in one swallow. Later on the transport, Soo-Jin recalls that she likewise left her wallet at the general store. At the point when retreats to recover her wallet, the clerk gives her the wallet and the jar of Coke she abandoned. Ooops. One day, while surveying a construction site that her dad is accountable for, Soo-Jin sees that coke man she mistakenly believed took her drink. The man’s name is Chul-Soo and is he the foreman at the development site. Soo-Jin starts to succumb to Chul-Soo and starts to woo him. They fall for each other and Soo-Jin and Chul-Soo in the end marries. Life appears to be incredible for the couple, however Soo-Jin’s memory detoriates and she soon learns she has an uncommon type of Alzheimer’s.

"A Moment To Remember Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Kim Tae-won

CJ Entertainment

Lee Jun-gyu

South Korea

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