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Sweet Poolside (2014)

103 Minutes14 Jun, 2014

Plot - Sweet Poolside is a story in which a boy having almost no bodily hair, help a girl to save her because she having too much bodily hair.

Daigo Matsui

Toshihiro Takahashi





"Sweet Poolside Movie" Story

A First year high school student named Toshihiko Ota who is a member of the school’s swimming club. He suffers from not enough hair in his body. Where as there is also a first year high school student name Ayako Goto and also a member of the same swimming club. She suffers from having too much hair. She tells him her hairy problem to Toshihiko Ota and he helped her, start shaving her arm and legs hair and a relationship soon develops.

"Sweet Poolside Movie" Trailer & Video

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Daiki Shiotani


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