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Su-ki-da (2005)

104 Minutes25 Feb, 2005

Plot - A romantic drama film about two teenagers who go through pain and sorrow together only to fall in love with each other, 17 years later.

Hiroshi Ishikawa

Hiroshi Ishikawa, Hisashi Tsuchiya

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Romance, Drama,



"Su-ki-da Movie" Story

Yosuke and Yu study in the same high school and often casually play music together. Yu hums the short tone which Yosuke plays on his acoustic guitar. Yu’s older sister meets with an accident and went into coma. Yu expresses her feelings for Yosuke, but he leaves. 17 year later, fate brings them together again. However, this time they express their love for each other.

"Su-ki-da Movie" Trailer & Video

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Yoko Kanno

Hiroshi Ishikawa

Tokyo, Japan

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