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I Just Wanna Hug You (2014)

122 Minutes1 Feb, 2014

Plot - I Just Wanna Hug You is a love story of Tsukasa and Masaki that shows that how they tackle different situation that occurs in their love life.

Akihiko Shiota





"I Just Wanna Hug You Movie" Story

When Tsukasa  was a high school student, then she got into a severe car accident. She still suffer from the effect of accident with memory impairment and needing to use a wheelchair. But she always try to live her life to the fullest.  She falls in love with Masaki a taxi driver, who likes to play football. After having various difficulties in their life they try to make a happy family together, but they encounter another serious situation.

"I Just Wanna Hug You Movie" Trailer & Video

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Takatsugu Muramatsu

Tokusho Kikumura


Box Office Earning of "I Just Wanna Hug You"

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