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Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

130 Minutes14 Sep, 2016

Plot - Story of a two young people one who try to get over from his past relationship and another who try to run away from her past.

Olivia Lamasan

Marizel Samson Martinez


Romance, Drama,



"Barcelona: A Love Untold Movie" Story

Ely a young man, who study in Barcelona finds difficult to move on from his past and continuously juggles with his work and studies as his aim is to get his masters degree. On the other hand a girl named Mi, who see Spain  as her fresh start. After a series of mistake in her past she want to uprooted herself from her past life in Phillipines and move forward to start a new life. Now see how both of them confronting their past and  finding their way.

"Barcelona: A Love Untold Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details



Cesar Francis Concio

ABS-CBN Film Productions

Hermann Claravall

Spain, Barcelona

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