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The Cutting Edge (1992)

PG102 Minutes27 Mar, 1992

Plot - A story of a ice hockey player and a proffesional skater who fall for each other while working hard for Nationals and the Olympics Championship.

Paul Michael Glaser

Robert W. Cort, Ted Field, Karen Murphy


Romance, Drama,


Rotten Tomatoes60%

"The Cutting Edge Movie" Story

Kate Moseley is a a famous person and a skater who is preparing for the Olympics; she has genuine talent, however years of being ruined by her affluent family have made her everything except difficult to work with. Doug Dorsey is a hockey player with drive, aptitude, and full of arrogance; his group is likewise on the road to success to the Olympics. Shockingly, an eye injury endured amid a game put him on the bench for the rest of the season. In the meantime, Kate’s enormous sense of self drives away yet another skating accomplice, and her mentor, Anton needs to discover a substitution at the earliest opportunity. Urgent to remain in Olympic rivalry, Doug tries to partner with Kate, despite the fact that he has a hockey player’s macho disdain for figure skating. Obviously, the initial few practices amongst Kate and Doug don’t go well, yet in time they figure out how to cooperate and turn into a couple who or well known with both on and off the ice.

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Roy Dotrice, Terry O'Quinn

Patrick Williams

Interscope Communications

Elliot Davis

Ontario, Canada

Box Office Earning of "The Cutting Edge"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : $4,478,919 (USA)

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