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Sweet November (2001)

PG-13120 Minutes16 Feb, 2001

Plot - Starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, the story is about a man and a woman, whose fates are intertwined and will change forever after their meeting.

Pat O'Connor

Elliott Kastner, Steven Reuther, Deborah Aal, Erwin Stoff


Romance, Drama,


Rotten Tomatoes16%

"Sweet November Movie" Story

Nelson (Keanu Reeves) is an ardent advertiser living in San Francisco. One day, amid a driving test, he meets Sara, a wonderful however apparently unusual lady. Yet, she is dishonestly blamed for swindling and winds up fizzling the test on account of Nelson. In the wake of getting kicked out of the exam, Sara sits tight for him outside and begins to affront him. However, Nelson overlooks her and takes off. At that point, she follows him down and appears at his place. She guarantees to allow him to sit unbothered just on the off chance that he gives her a ride. Soon thereafter, she requests that he live with her all through November on the guarantee that his life will improve. He turns her down saying that he has a sweetheart. On the 1st of November, he gets fired and expelled from his company, to which Nelson chooses to try it out and after that by one means or another, consents to go through the entire month with Sara and ends up in a frantic relationship that he will recollect forever..

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Movie Details



Christopher Young

Bel Air Entertainment

Edward Lachman

Daly City, California, USA

Awards & Nominations Won by "Sweet November Movie"

Razzie Awards 2002

Razzie Award
Worst Actor
Keanu Reeves 
For Hard Ball
Worst Actress
Charlize Theron
Worst Remake or Sequel

Box Office Earning of "Sweet November"

Budget : $40,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend : $11,015,226 (USA) 

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