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Some Kind of Beautiful (2015)

R90 Minutes21 Aug, 2015

Plot - A college professor tries to re-evaluate his life after one of his own romantic fantasies takes turn for the worst as his 25-year old girlfriend gets pregnant.

Tom Vaughan

Richard Barton Lewis, Pierce Brosnan, Remington Chase, Grant Cramer, Mark Fasano, Sriram Das, Keith Arnold, Myles Nestel, Kevin Scott Frakes, Gabrielle Jerou-Tabak

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Romance, Comedy,


Rotten Tomatoes4%

"Some Kind of Beautiful Movie" Story

Richard is a well-respected poetry professor marries his 25-year old girlfriend Kate after he discovers she is pregnant. They move to Los Angeles and start a family, however, things doesn’t look good for Richard who is unable to escape his troubled past with his father that proves catalytic in difficulties for him to raise his own child. After his marriage with Kate fails, he seeks his former lover Olivia.

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Stephen Endelman

David Tattersall

USA, England, London, California, Los Angeles, UK

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