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Slow Learners (2015)

96 Minutes19 Aug, 2015

Plot - Two friends who are unlucky at love decide to completely reinvent themselves to find love for each other and fall in the love for each other instead.

Don Argott, Sheena M. Joyce

Tammy Tiehel, Jamie Lokoff, Tommy Joyner, Brian O'Connor


Romance, Comedy,


Rotten Tomatoes73%

"Slow Learners Movie" Story

Two close friends and co-workers Jeff and Anne have had hard time finding love for each other. With nothing to lose, both of them decide to transform themselves into the cool and confident people they have always wanted to become. Their journey of self-discovery turns into a laugh riot as both of them lose their identities, their dignity as well as each other.

"Slow Learners Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details



The Wellspring

IFC Films

Chase Bowman

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Box Office Earning of "Slow Learners"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : $3,056 (USA)

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