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Perfect Proposal (2015)

110 Minutes4 Jun, 2015

Plot - A nail-biting romantic thriller about a young and beautiful woman and a handsome guy who hatches a plan to inherit money from a casino owner.

Yoon Jae-gu

Min Jin-su


Romance, Thriller,



"Perfect Proposal Movie" Story

Yoo Ji-yeon is a Korean waitress stuck at Macau working as a waitress after her colleague stole all her money. She meets Kim Sung-yeol, the illegitimate son of Kim Seok-gu, a wealthy businessman who owns half of the casinos in Macau. Reluctantly, Ji-yeon agrees to work with Sung-yeol. They gradually fall in love with each other as Ji-yeon tries to influence Seok-gu.

"Perfect Proposal Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details

South Korea


Shim Hyun-jung

Soo Film Bidangil Pictures

Lee Tae-yoon


Box Office Earning of "Perfect Proposal"

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