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Honeyglue (2015)

R107 Minutes26 Apr, 2015

Plot - A girl who only has three months to live changes her conservative lifestyle and falls in love with a rebellious artist and records her last days on a handheld camera.

James Bird

Anya Remizova, Adriana Mather, James Bird

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Romance, Drama,


Rotten Tomatoes40%

"Honeyglue Movie" Story

Morgan learns that she only has three months to live. To make the most of the little time, she makes a bucket list of things she’ll do before she dies. During her visit to the Goth nightclub, she meets Jordan – a rebellious artist with whom she falls in love and the two embarks on a series of adventure as the clock keeps ticking for Morgan.

"Honeyglue Movie" Trailer & Video

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Anya Remizova

Zombot Pictures

Stefan Colson

California, Los Angeles, UK.

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