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High Strung (2016)

PG97 Minutes8 Apr, 2016

Plot - High Strung is a musical romantic movie of two artists a dances and young violinist who come up together to change their lives forever.

Michael Damian

Michael Damian, Janeen Damian


Romance, Drama, Musical,


Rotten Tomatoes75%

"High Strung Movie" Story

Ruby is an classical dancer who goes to a Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts. She meets a restless, surly youthful violinist named Johnnie who performs in the New York tram. He got occupied while helping her, and his violin was taken. She tries to help him, yet she learns he is illicitly living in the USA. She discovers that there’s competition wherein an artist performs with a string performer, and the victor gets a scholarship, which can get him an student visa. Ruby and Johnnie must figure out how to save Ruby’s scholarship and keep Johnnie from being expelled. With the assistance of a hip hop dance group they should locate a common ground while preparing for a competition that could change their lives forever.

"High Strung Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details



Jane Seymour, Sonoya Mizuno, Richard Southgate, Paul Freeman

Nathan Lanier

Riviera Films, Sforzando Productions, Castel Film Studio

Viorel Sergovici

Romania, New York, Brooklyn

Box Office Earning of "High Strung"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : $45,255 (USA)

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