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Focus (2015 film) (2015)

R104 Minutes27 Feb, 2015

Plot - A seasoned-con man’s the latest scheme rip-off his targets are jeopardized when a woman from his past – now a femme fatale – shows up unexpectedly to foil his plan.

Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Denise Di Novi


Romance, Comedy, Drama,


Rotten Tomatoes56%

"Focus (2015 film) Movie" Story

Nicky Spurgeon is a seasoned con-man who meets Jess, an inexperienced grifter who tries to con Nicky but fails. He eventually takes her up as his protégé. They eventually fall for each other, upsetting Nicky who was taught by his father to never become emotionally involved in this business.  They eventually part ways but fate runs them into each other three years later.

"Focus (2015 film) Movie" Trailer & Video

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Nick Urata

RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Di Novi Pictures, Kramer & Sigman Films, Overbrook Entertainment, Zaftig Films

Xavier Pérez Grobet

New York, Nevada, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Argentina

Awards & Nominations Won by "Focus (2015 film) Movie"

Golden Schmoes Awards 2015

Golden Schmoes
Best T&A of the Year
Margot Robbie

MTV Movie Awards 2016

MTV Movie Award
Best Kiss
Margot Robbie
Will Smith

Box Office Earning of "Focus (2015 film)"

Budget : $50,100,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend : $18,685,137 (USA)

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