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First Girl I Loved (2016)

PG91 Minutes18 Oct, 2016

Plot - The is about two teenage girls, geeky yearbook editorial manager Anne and softball star Sasha, grappling with their sexuality at a Los Angeles secondary school.

Kerem Sanga

Seth Caplan, David Hunter, Ross Putman

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Romance, Drama,


Rotten Tomatoes86%

"First Girl I Loved Movie" Story

Seventeen-year-old Anne simply became hopelessly enamored with Sasha, the most well known young lady at her LA public high school. Be that as it may, when Anne tells her closest companion Clifton – who has always harbored a secret crush – he does his best to get in the way.

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John Swihart

PSH Collective, Tilted Windmill Productions, Bee-Hive Productions

Awards & Nominations Won by "First Girl I Loved Movie"

Cleveland International Film Festival 2016

Best American Independent Feature Film
Kerem Sanga 

RiverRun International Film Festival 2016

Audience Choice Award
Altered States: New Directions in American Cinema
Kerem Sanga 

Sarasota Film Festival 2016

Independent Visions Award
Outstanding Performance
Dylan Gelula 
Independent Visions Award
Best Film
Kerem Sanga  

Seattle International Film Festival 2016

Futurewave Youth Jury Award
Kerem Sanga 

Sundance Film Festival 2016

Audience Award
Best of Next!
Kerem Sanga 

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