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Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2015)

123 Minutes13 Feb, 2015

Plot - A wealthy anthropologist is turned into a vampire after being stabbed by an ancient African dagger by his unstable assistant. A new kind of love story unfurls.

Spike Lee

Spike Lee, Chiz Schultz

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"Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Movie" Story

Dr. Hess Green is a wealthy African American anthropologist who is stabbed by his associate with an ancient dagger. Surprisingly, the dagger doesn’t kill him but makes him a vampire with immortality. His ex-wife, Ganja, visits him in his mansion and Hess shares her secret with her. After turning her into a vampire as well, they both satiate their thirst for blood by killing their victims.

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Bruce Hornsby

Gravitas Ventures

Daniel Patterson

New York

Box Office Earning of "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus"

Budget : $1,420,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend : Will be updated soon.

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