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Better and Better (2013)

105 Minutes10 Feb, 2013

Plot - It is a story of two separate stories that unfold together.

Zhang Yibai and Xie Dongshe

Zhao Haicheng, Yan Pin, Guo Yan


Romance, Comedy,



"Better and Better Movie" Story

Two different stories unfold together. A rich young man who made his luck competes with a geeky young man who was wondering through the area. As in spring festival all the group of villagers come back to their hometown from different big cities, try to put their own festival show. and here the competition is to see who can put on the best spring festival for the little villagers.

"Better and Better Movie" Trailer & Video

Movie Details



Tong Dawei, Xu Jinglei, Jing Tian, Sandra Ng

Huang Ailun

China Film Co.,Ltd., Beijing Galloping Horse Media Co., Ltd

Chen Chuqiang


Box Office Earning of "Better and Better"

Budget : Will be updated soon.
Opening Weekend : Will be updated soon.

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