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A Wedding Invitation (2013)

101 Minutes12 Apr, 2013

Plot - It's about the two who about to graduate from the university and write a break-up contract that if they both are single in five years, they will get married.

Ki Hwan Oh

San Ping Han, Tae Sung Jeong, Jonathan Kim


Romance, Drama,



"A Wedding Invitation Movie" Story

QiaoQiao and Li Xing about to graduate from the university and Li Xing give surprise to QiaoQiao by proposing her for marriage. But QiaoQiao , decline the proposal by saying that she is not ready. Li Xing little know that she has a devastating secret. So they decided to write a break-up contact that if they both of them are single in five year then they will  get married. Five year pass Li Xing believes that he is still waiting for her. But when Li Xing contact her its an invitation card for her to his wedding. QiaoQiao get surprised and is determined to win her former flame back at any cost. Can their love truly be reignited?

"A Wedding Invitation Movie" Trailer & Video

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CJ Entertainment America

Yong Ho Kim

South Korea

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